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WandaVision: where the hell is Dottie, is she the great villain?

Wanda’s neighbor has not reappeared in the series, but there are many hints that she will return with much more force.

By now it is very clear that many of the characters in WandaVision are not what they seem and that there might be some hidden heroes and villains in the world of Westview, but who is who?

Agnes is one of the characters who has starred in many theories (some say she is Agatha Harkness , others that it could be a female version of Nightmare ), but there is another major character who just disappeared and it is definitely not due to an oversight by Marvel .

Dottie, leader of the neighborhood where Wanda lives and organizer of the talent show “for the kids”, has not been seen since the second chapter, where she started questioning Wanda and then seemed to have responded to Woo when she managed to communicate with the inside. from The Hex (Dottie also reacts by crushing a glass in her hand and showing the red wound in the black and white world). We know that Kevin Feige personally approved casting Emma Caulfield as Dottie and that nothing in the world of WandaVision is there by chance, so her sudden disappearance could be a sign that they have something great in store for her.

In addition, the same actress shared a message on Twitter that many already took as a sign that we are going to see her again and that her role in all this is much greater than it seems.

Where the hell is Dottie on WandaVision?

For now we do not know, Dottie definitely has to be inside The Hex (if she is human or if she is a villain in disguise who is feeding on Wanda’s powers), and the issue of her identity is one of the great mysteries that fans have been trying to figure it out since the beginning of the series.

Caulfield’s message arrived a few days before the premiere of the seventh episode of WandaVision, which seems to be an indicator that we will see her again in the series, although we do not know in what way.

Is Dottie the great villain? Many have suspected that she could be the true villain of the show, hidden within The Hex so that all the blame falls on Wanda, but she could also be a red herring to a bigger and more powerful villain. It must be remembered that SWORD did not identify Dottie while they were investigating the people they have been able to see inside Westview and this confirms that she is a more complex and potentially important character.

Can Dottie be Mephisto?

Agnes herself told Wanda that Dottie is the “key to everything in this city”, also she seems to have a great influence on the rest of the Westview residents and does not have a “normal” behavior within the story, so its story is not that simple.

We don’t really know if Mephisto is the main villain, but it is clear that Wanda is not the only one pulling the strings of Westview (we see it in the new image of Pietro, which she fails to explain, and in all the times she has said who does not know or does not remember how The Hex came to or created). Many fans noticed an Easter Egg of Mephisto in the trailer for the series of Loki and the latest commercial yogurt Yo-Magic seems to be another reference to the character, plus at Billy and Tommy comics are created with a fragment of the soul Mephisto, and Dottie could definitely be a part of that story.

Whatever the truth, we are going to find out soon who is behind all this, if Vision is really dead (yes, we saw his corpse, but remember that in the world of comics no one really dies) or if Billy and Tommy can really date from there.

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