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WandaVision who is Spectrum and how does it connect with Captain Marvel?

Chapter 7 of WandaVision confirms that this character is coming to the MCU and this is his origin story.

There are spoilers here for WandaVision Chapter 7 , so read on at your own risk.

Ever since the first Captain Marvel movie was released, fans have been wondering if Monica Rambeau, the daughter of Carol Danvers’s partner, would have a bigger role in the future of the MCU, and WandaVision Chapter 7 seems to confirm that it is. the case.

During the chapter, Monica discovers that Haywardthe head of SWORD, was trying to revive Vision’s body before Wanda stole it, so she decides to enter The Hex again to tell him the truth, but Wanda clearly doesn’t want her there (especially after he reminded her of all the Ultron drama) and tried to expel her again. This time Monica was able to resist, her eyes changed to a bright blue color and she seemed to use some kind of energy to return to the ground.

Why is that detail important? Because the powers and characteristics shown by Monica Rambeau correspond to those of Spectrum, which is one of the heroic identities with which it appears in the comics, and Spectrum has a strong connection with Captain Marvel that goes beyond the relationship between Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau.

It is clear that the SWORD agent , who disappeared with Thanos’ Blip , is much more powerful than she appeared and the fact that she may be Spectrum could be a sign that her role in Captain Marvel 2 will be much greater, and that this movie is also going to be affected by the multiverse that is about to open up.

Who is Spectrum?

We haven’t seen much of Monica’s powers , but we did see her enter The Hex without losing her memory and throwing a kind of lightning bolt that helped her not be expelled again, and that is connected to what happens with her character in the comics.

Monica Rambeau first appeared in Roger Stern, John Romita Jr., John Romita Sr., Jim Novak, and Stan Goldberg’s The Amazing Spider-Man Annual # 16 comics , and that’s where she got her superpowers, which include the ability to manipulate different forms of energy,

Monica Rambeau eventually becomes the leader of the Avengers , under the identity of Captain Marvel from the 1980s, even before the arrival of Carol Danvers.

The story of Monica’s powers begins when she meets Professor Andre LeClare , who asks her for help to develop a device that would be more powerful than an atomic bomb, but everything goes wrong and Rambeau ends up exposed to a large amount of extra-dimensional energy ( similar to the energy of The Hex causing the changes we see in WandaVision). LeClare ends up helping Monica control her powers that affect radio waves, light, and even electricity, allowing her to pass through solid objects, travel at the speed of light, and perform small amounts of energy as explosions of pure force.

It is LeClare who creates the Captain Marvel costume for Monica with unstable molecules and she eventually becomes a superhero, leading her to work with Spider-Man, The Thing and the Avengers , who further helped her master her new abilities.

Monica is only Captain Marvel for a while and she eventually changed her name to Spectrum (plus she changed her costume as well) when she started working with the Mighty Avengers. Spectrum is one of Marvel’s most powerful characters, and now that the series version of Scarlet Witch seems to have morphed, we can assume that this is not the last time we are going to see Monica Rambeau and that we might eventually see her famous alter. ego in the movies.

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