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We have ranked the best films of Christopher Nolan

Dunkirk , Inception , Interstellar … Movies Vibes has selected the best films directed by Christopher Nolan to (re) watch urgently.

Known for creating ever more convoluted storylines, director Christopher Nolan manages to take us into intense, often action-packed stories. But the Briton is also well surrounded since these feature films are worn by big names in Hollywood like Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, or Anne Hattaway. On the occasion of the broadcast of its latest film Tenet this Friday,


It is difficult not to hoist Dunkirk to the top of the ranking of Christopher Nolan’s best films, especially since it is perhaps the feature film that stands out the most from the director’s filmography. Based on a true story, the film takes us to Normandyshortly after the start of World War II in May 1940, when Operation Dynamo was set up to evacuate British troops trapped in the Dunkirk pocket to England. Between the army, the air force and the navy, the film interweaves three stories that end up coming together. We follow in particular three soldiers, Tommy, Gibson and Alex, who manage to board a boat under the bombardments, in an attempt to cross the Channel. So little dialogue is spoken throughout the film, the soundtrack (composed by Hans Zimmer) and the sound effects of the whistling bullets and bombs provide an immersive experience worthy of the name.
Available on Netflix.


Before Tenet , there was obviously Inception . And in the genre “film that turns our brains around”, Inception has nothing to envy of its competitors. In this science fiction thriller, Christopher Nolan takes us into the story of Dom Cobb, specializing in the extraction of ideas and precious secrets buried in the subconscious of individuals. But this time, Cobb is determined to try the opposite, that is to say the implantation of an idea in the mind of a CEO to convince him to dismantle the empire bequeathed to him by his dad. Thanks to the “ dreamshared ”, the character of DiCaprio takes us with him to the depths of limbo and makes us lose the notion of reality. What is certain is that it takes several viewings to fully grasp the intrigue of Inception .
Available on Netflix.


Another science fiction masterpiece directed by Christopher Nolan, Interstellar defies the laws of space and time. We dive into the near future, where the destruction of the Earth has led to serious food and humanitarian crisis. In the hope of finding another habitable planet, a team of astronauts embarks on an interstellar journey that will lead them to push back human limits. A story notably carried by Matthew McConaughey, who plays Cooper, a former NASA pilot who became a farmer on a farm where he lives with his family. While the 2.50-hour feature film offers breathtaking images of space, the music (also composed here by Hans Zimmer) has an equally important role. Enough to guarantee us a cinematographic experience as moving as it is spectacular.
Available on Netflix.


Christopher Nolan’s second film, Memento confirms the director’s talent for thrillers. We follow Leonard Shelby, a man suffering from amnesia preventing the formation of new memories, who has only one idea in mind: to hunt down the man who murdered his wife. His body covered with tattoos and always his Polaroid close at hand, he photographs all the people who cross his path and scribbles notes so as not to forget. To make the mystery even more intriguing, the film has the particularity of alternating black and white scenes and color scenes. While the former follows a chronological order, the latter is mounted in reverse chronological order.
Available on Amazon Prime Video.

The Dark Knight: The Dark Knight

Based on the DC Comics superhero, Batman, The Dark Knight: The Dark Knight is the second installment in the trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan. We find Christian Bale who puts on Batman’s bat costume again, in a shutter that signs the meeting of this one with his sworn enemy: the Joker. If this feature film has become cult, we keep in particular the brilliant interpretation of the Joker by Heath Ledger. To put himself in the shoes of the psychopath, the actor did not hesitate to isolate himself for six weeks in a hotel room before filming to soak up his darkest thoughts. A performance that won him – posthumously – the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.
Available on Netflix.

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