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We watched the amazing Friends reunion and here are our best moments

While the actors of Friends found themselves with emotion in a new show this Thursday, May 27, MV has selected the best moments of this exceptional meeting.

Here it is, the moment that all Friends fans have been eagerly awaiting has finally arrived. This Thursday, May 27, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer met with emotion in the legendary Studio 24 in Los Angeles, 17 years after the end of the cult sitcom. Broadcast on HBO Max in the United States and Salto in France, the show had the effect of a bomb, between nostalgia and joy to find the six actors together again. It must be said that HBO hit hard, and offered us a reunion that perfectly fulfilled our expectations, if not more. Everything is there: shooting anecdotes, quizzes on the series, a recreation of cult scenes, unexpected revelations, or even blooper and unpublished archives. Suddenly, GQ has selected the best moments that marked this meeting that we are not ready to forget. 

The one where they play a game

While Friends has 236 episodes, many fans (and Courteney Cox) agree that one of the best episodes is when the duo Rachel / Monica and Chandler / Joey face off in a quiz hosted by Ross, who will cost the girls their apartment. We could not, therefore, dream of better than to see the actors play a quiz similar to that of the cult episode, with Lisa Kudrow as a bonus (who is not present in the original scene). While the questions were classified in the same categories as at the time, the actors also started the quiz by releasing the original lines. Regarding questions, they must have remembered several references flagships of the series, such as the number of pages in the letter Rachel had written to Ross or Chandler’s profession (and it is still not transponder).

The one where they reread the script

To continue to plunge back into their Friends years, the actors gathered around a table to reread certain passages of the script of the series. Thanks to a montage that interweaves the original scenes and the reading table of the actors, nostalgia is at its height. Especially since the scenes were not chosen by chance. We thus rediscover Monica, Chandler, and Joey who recount their misadventures at sea in “The one who treated jellyfish stings” or even Phoebe who discovers with a shock that Monica and Chandler are a couple in “The one who discovers everything”. The cherry on the cake: Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer gave us a moving replay of the scene where Rachel and Ross kiss for the first time in theCentral Perk. Enough to make us drop a little tear.

The one where they remake the credits

To kick off this exceptional reunion, HBO kicked off with a brand new version of the Friends credits, concocted with footage from the show. A generic at the same time different and familiar, which put balm in our hearts from the first seconds of the special episode. On the notes of the famous song “I’ll be there for you” by The Rembrandts, we first find the original images of the band on the sofa of Central Perk, in front of the fountain. But suddenly, we discover the actors (27 years later) laughing, taking group selfies and having fun in their old fictional apartments.

The one where they tell unpublished anecdotes

What is certain is that this meeting has served us well in filming anecdotes and revelations. Among these, we learned that Courteney Cox sometimes wrote the lines of her script that they could not remember on the table in Monica’s apartment. A trick that she would have used more than once, according to Matt LeBlanc who said that he had fun erasing his text. Another funny anecdote: Monica and Chandler’s relationship was initially to come down to a one-night stand. But when the actors shot the scene where the characters have sex for the first time, in London, the audience was so cheerful that the creators of the series finally decided to turn their romance into a serious relationship. The biggest revelation of the show, however, concerns Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer, who revealed that they were in love during the filming of the first episodes of Friends . A love that will ultimately only materialize on screen, since the actors were both in a relationship at the time and never took the plunge.

The one where they imagine what has become of their characters 

What could be better than ending this reunion by wondering what happened to the characters in Friends ? For Jennifer Aniston, Rachel and Ross (still a paleontologist) ended up getting married, and are living a happy married life with several children. Monica, she is “always a great competitor” according to Courteney Cox, and is part of the parents association of the school of her children. Obviously, “Chandler continues to make her laugh every day.” As for Phoebe, Lisa Kudrow believes she now lives in Connecticut with Mike and their children, as she started an art program and teaches music.. Finally, Matt LeBlanc thinks Joey opened a sandwich shop in Venice Beach. If we will never be able to see the continuation of the adventures of the six New York friends on the screen, we must say that this prospect satisfies us.

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