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What does the end of Zack Snyder’s Justice League mean?

Zack Snyder’s Justice League ending is very different from what we originally saw, with a scene that shows us Bruce Wayne’s “nightmare”, the Joker, and another that more formally introduces another of DC’s most important superheroes.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League arrived at dawn on March 17, and many stayed awake, spending four hours enjoying this epic that has already been designated as DC’s highest rated tape on IMDB, and that many already consider the definitive version of the history of the characters that have reached the big screen. The tape includes quite a bit of new material, which reshapes the tape and makes it a completely different piece of work. 

In our Justice League review we praised this version, and those who have already seen it know that the most interesting moments come during the end of the film, in the so-called Epilogue , where two scenes are presented: one in which Batman appears in the nightmare world we saw briefly during Batman v Superman, and another in which Bruce Wayne meets Martian Manhunter. We explain what they are about. 

What does the scene with the Joker in Justice League mean?

In the penultimate scene, we can see that Batman finds himself back in the nightmare world we saw in Batman v Superman. 

For context: in that scene, Batman appears in a different suit than we’ve seen, much darker, and the world is surrounded by destruction. He arrives at a place with some contacts who get him Kryptonite . However, several Parademons arrive which he cannot defeat and at the end Superman arrives , who looks like a villain and says to Batman : “You took away everything I loved.” Wayne wakes up, thinking it’s a nightmare, but just then an older Barry Allen appears who tells him that Lois Lane is the answer. 

In this new scene we see that Barry Allen again, suggesting that it was not really a nightmare but the future. This is confirmed once we see the rest of the people who join Batman: Mera, who claims that Aquaman is dead and wants to avenge his death, Deathstroke , who in a previous scene was planning to join Lex Luthor to destroy Batman , besides Cyborg . 

What is surprising is the addition of Joker who seems to be joining the team, which is confirmed after his conversation with Batman in one of the best dialogue in the history of the Zack Snyder tapes In the talk, Joker reminds Batman of Robin’s death while confirming that Lois Lane’s death is what unleashes Superman’s fury, and that this was caused by Bruce Wayne, who “let her die.” 

This confirms that what we see is not a nightmare, nor an alternate world, but the future (one that even Cyborg manages to see when they try to resurrect Superman). Apparently Darkseid has managed to transform the Earth into one of his worlds and Superman is next to him or in favor of this because he lost Lois Lane. Batman, Flash and others must try to save the world. 

Long ago, Zack Snyder made public the timeline his tapes would follow, and since he was planning two more Justice League tapes , he planned that at one point it would become an apocalyptic world with only a few survivors who would unite Earth against it. by Darkseid . This scene is a clearer preface to that future and a cliffhanger that would have kept fans on the lookout for the future. However, Snyder has said that he will not be making films for Warner again and that his Justice League universe is dead, so we may never see this again. 

In the scene, Superman reaches the end, again attempting to assassinate Batman , but Bruce Wayne awakens before that happens. This is one of the biggest differences from the other Joss Whedon version.

Martian manhunter

After the above, Wayne wakes up in his mansion and sees a man arrive that we saw before visiting Lois Lane disguised as Martha Kent , and who is the general who appeared in Man of Steel. Here it is confirmed that he is Martian Manhunter , another member of the Justice League.

The question, of course, is, why didn’t he get involved in this battle? The answer is in his knowledge, since the character could know what would happen and what is coming for the superheroes. 

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