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What does the Louis Vuitton trunk that contained the 2022 World Cup look like?

A setting just as prestigious as the object that travels inside. 

It was arguably one of the most watched objects in the world this past month. The FIFA World Cup trophy, nearly seven kilos and made of 18-carat gold, will soon make the trip to Argentina. After a crushing match last night, the homeland of Borges and Cortázar won the final on penalties by winning against France . And it was Lionel Messi who had the privilege of lifting the prized trophy. A moment suspended but brief since the object was very quickly replaced in its golden case: a Louis Vuitton trunk covered with titanium. 

For four editions of the Football World Cup, the Parisian house, a travel specialist, has handcrafted this monogrammed trunk made to the measurements of the Cup in its Asnières workshops. To make it easier to remove the trophy when it is handed over, the case opens on the front and the top, revealing the object in its entire length. With this trunk, the Louis Vuitton house is perpetuating a tradition that is dear to it: transporting the trophies of the greatest sports competitions. In 1851, another trophy trunk already carried the silver ewer for America’s Cup, also produced in Asnières.  

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