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What If …? ch.2: Is T´Challa a better Star-Lord than Peter Quill?

Chapter 2 of the animated series features Chadwick Boseman’s latest MCU involvement.

What If…? is one of the smartest ways to explore the multiverse in all its glory and to show that when it comes to Marvel, the possibilities truly are endless. They say that in the world of comics nobody dies and within the MCU that is real for many reasons, mainly because, with series like this, each of the characters can have many versions and even travel in time to be able to return.

The first chapter of What If…? showed us a different version of the Captain America story, where Peggy Carter ended up using the super-soldier serum and turned into Captain Carter, with Steve Rogers as her faithful companion, making her departure from the MCU even sadder.

For its second chapter, the series changed T´Challa’s story, making it him, and not Peter Quill, who ends up becoming Star-Lord after being “rescued” by Yondu. The chapter represents Chadwick Boseman’s latest project in the MCU, and according to Kevin Feige, the actor liked being the voice of this remake so much that he was even thinking about bringing some of it into the Black Panther sequel.

The chapter is important not only because it allows you to explore the possibility of having a different Black Panther, but because it is a way to pay tribute and bring Boseman back one last time.

T´Challa as Star-Lord

In this chapter, The Watcher (which is more important than you think), tells that T´Challa is accidentally kidnapped by the Ravagers, and even ends up being a better Star-Lord than the original version of the movies.

After his abduction, T´Challa “inspires” Yondu (voiced by Michael Rooker ) and company to behave more like heroes, and he’s so good at it that he even manages to convince Thanos (Josh Brolin) to forget all that Madness of using the Infinity Stones to wipe out half the universe (although his relationship with Nebula, Karen Gillian, is still not the best).

“I’m a big enough man to admit when I’m wrong,” he says. “T’Challa showed me that there was more than one way to reallocate the resources of the universe.”

The bad guy in the story is The Collector (Benicio del Toro) , who even ends up recruiting the Black Order and steals the Embers of Genesis that can save dying planets, and Nebula wants to steal him.

What does chapter 2 of What If… change?

With this action, T´Challa changes a lot of the history of the MCU, which means that Loki does not die, Wanda does not create The Hex , Natasha does not have to sacrifice herself, Steve Rogers does not travel to the past to meet Peggy and Tony Stark is definitely there. alive.

This would also erase the series of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, since, taking into account the last chapter, Steve did not even become Cap, and Bucky did not have that accident that eventually leads him to become Winter Soldier,

Without T´Challa as Prince of Wakanda, it is possible that Michael B. Jordan’s character, Killmonger, would even end up as Black Panther.

And not only that, the new Star-Lord also saves the planet from Drax, so his wife and daughter are not dead and he does not have the need to become a criminal. With that, the Guardians of the Galaxy may not really exist.

In this reality, Peter Quill works in a Dairy Queen and leads a completely normal and boring life, although he eventually runs into his father, the Celestial Ego.

Weapons of the MCU

The Collector has a few weapons that belong to other MCU characters:

  • A rocky fist was cut from the corpse of a “terribly talkative Kronan”, which could be a reference to Korg .
  • The Dagger of Malekith from Thor: The Dark World appears.
  • Hela’s Helmet and her necrosword from Thor: Ragnarok.
  • Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, and Captain America’s shield are among his collection.

Who are the voices?

Jeffrey Wright returns as Uatu The Watcher. Chadwick Boseman is T’Challa / Star-Lord, Michael Rooker is Yondu, Djimon Hounsou is Korath the Pursuer, Chris Sullivan is Taserface, Karen Gillen is Nebula, Josh Brolin is Thanos, Seth Green is Howard the Duck, Danai Gurira is Okoye, John Kani is T’Chaka, Angela Bassett is Ramonda, Benicio Del Toro is The Collector, Carrie Coon is Proxima Midnight, Kurt Russell is Ego, Sean Gunn as Kraglin and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor is Ebony Maw.

Other Easter Eggs and references

  • The chapter is dedicated to Chadwick Boseman , who died in 2020.
  • Gamora does not appear in this chapter, but is seen in one of the posters of the series, so we can assume that she will have her own story.
  • T’Challa mentions that Thanos now takes care of gardens, which is something he actually does in the original timeline after carrying out his plan.
  • The Collector has a similar fate to Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok, which is a reference to their being brothers.
  • Peter the 1982 Space Age Love Song by A Flock Of Seagulls , which can be heard during dance in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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