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Who is Craig Charles Henderson, in Lucifer 5, part 2?

If you have already started to see Lucifer 5 in its second part, surely you wonder who Craig Charles Henderson is. Here we tell you everything about his tribute. 

Lucifer is back and fans are wondering who Craig Charles Henderson is . Netflix released the second part of season 5 of the hit series that follows Tom Ellis as the Devil , who after leaving hell becomes a consultant for the LAPD (plus he has his own side deals) . Fans were looking forward to these new episodes and were ready to enjoy them. However, they were left confused after Henderson’s name appeared on screen, as part of a tribute. 

The first half of the fifth season of Lucifer with Tom Ellis , was released in August 2020 and after a long wait, the remaining eight episodes were finally released, which were released from May 28. In the first of these chapters, Lucifer pays tribute to Craig Charles Henderson with a title card dedicated to him, noting that the episode or the rest are dedicated to him. “In loving memory of Craig Charles Henderson, 1947 – 2019″. Also, another was included for Arthur Melbourne Hooper.

But it was not so much the dedication that confused the fans, but rather that the names are not part of Lucifer’s team and do not seem to be known, so many wondered who these characters were. 

Who is Craig Charles Henderson?

At the moment, Craig Charles Henderson is believed to be linked in some way to series showrunner Joe Henderson. Everything indicates that he is a family and could have been his grandfather, according to some speculation. 

These are based on the identity of Arthur Melbourne Hooper, the other name that appears in the tribute. Hooper was the grandfather of Tom Ellis, and according to his testimony he lived more than 100 years. On previous occasions, the actor had already published about this character and had shared a little of his experiences with him, like his sister Annwen Stone. Tom Ellis, who we admire for his diet and routine, has not commented on the matter. 

The interesting thing about this is that these characters did not die recently, but they have already left for a while, so their integration into the tribute comes a bit late. However, it makes sense when we look at the themes that the series addresses in these episodes, which focus a lot on parenting. It is a way that the creator and the main actor remember important men in their lives.

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