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Who Killed Sara? 2: A new character arrives and everything you need to know

The first season of the Mexican series was a hit on Netflix and left many questions to be answered upon his return.

Who Killed Sara? , that’s what Alex ( Manolo Cardona ) wants to know after spending 18 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, but the Netflix series didn’t give us the answer to that question in a first season full of mystery and twists. unexpected.

The first part of the series was more successful than many expected, it even managed to become an international trend, so it was not long before Netflix confirms what we all suspected, that it would have a second season in which they should answer all the questions that were left open, mainly, the issue of the real culprit in Sara’s death.

To the disappointment of the fans, who killed Sara? left an ending in which there were still many possible suspects, the good news is that, as in the case of Lupine and Sky Rojo (two of the best Netflix series in 2021 ), the second season will arrive the same year and only there are a few weeks to know the truth.

When does the second season premiere?

Shortly after the end of the first season, Netflix confirmed that the story was not going to stay like that and that we could know its outcome in part 2 on May 19 of this year.

The suspects and the story

Nothing is clear yet, but the season finale left the theory that everything had been the work of Mariana and Elroy, but Marifer was also acting strangely (we saw her hide inside Diana the Huntress ) and there are still many secrets that could destroy to the Lazcano family.

On the other hand, now it is also necessary to discover the identity of the corpse that Alex finds buried in his patio, which is just one of the new details that will have to continue when the series returns. Also, we cannot ignore the fact that there is a possibility that Sara did not die in that accident (we never saw the body), but that is something that will only become clear with time.

In a recent interview, Manolo Cardona revealed that the second season will be even bigger and better than the last. “Sometimes it’s hard to make a second better than the first, but I think in this case, the second season of Who Killed Sara? It’s better. People liked the first, but I think they’re going to love the second season. ”Cardona also explained that Alex will be thrown into another loop as he continues to search for answers about the case of his sister (Ximena Lamadrid) and the person responsible for his death.

There are still many conspiracy theories and many possibilities, but more chapters are coming that will reveal the secrets that we are already beginning to see. 

The trailer:

The first trailer of the first season reveals that Alex did not really know who Sara was, that she had hidden secrets and that things are not necessarily as he thought, besides that the “conspiracy” is increasingly complicated and to have his For revenge, Alex is going to have to work really hard, especially since Elisa is in trouble now. 

The cast:

Daniel Giménez Cacho, Antonio de la Vega and Matías Novoa are the actors that are integrated in the second season, where we will also see the characters of the first part: Manolo Cardona, Carolina Miranda, Ginés García Millán, Claudia Ramírez, Eugenio Siller , Alejandro Nones , Ximena Lamadrid, Leo Deluglio, Andrés Baida, Ana Lucía Domínguez, Polo Morín, Luis Roberto Guzmán, Fátima Molina, Ela Velden, Martín Saracho, Héctor Jiménez, Marco Zapata and Litzy Domínguez.

On the other hand, the corpse in the courtyard could be more important than it appears, since Cardona said that “It is something that the audience does not expect. A very important character is approaching.”

For now there is no confirmed or rumored third season, which suggests that we could get all the answers with the premiere of the second part.

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