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Will Henry Cavill Be the Next Highlander ?: Here’s What We Know

The actor confirmed that he is in talks to be part of the reebot of the iconic 80s film, but will he stay with the lead? 

It seems that Henry Cavill is very clear about what will be his next leading role and apparently it will not be James Bond , nor Hercules in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ( MCU ).

New reports indicate that the British actor is seriously thinking about being the new protagonist of the next reboot of Highlander , the film that Lionsgate is preparing and that would lead him to embody a new omnipotent being on screen.

According to Deadline, Henry Cavill is the main candidate of the producers for this film that will be in charge of Chad Stahelski, the director of the John Wick saga, and of the screenwriter Kerry Williamson ( What happened to Monday? ).

The original Highlander film , released in 1986, starred Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery and Clancy Brown, who gave life to immortal beings who can only be killed by beheading and who live to hunt each other for more power. 

Under the premise of its slogan “there can only be one”, the film led to four sequels and three television series, including the popular American series starring Adrian Paul, who became an icon after his performance.

So far it is unknown what the plot of the film will be, as well as whether Cavill will play a new character in the universe or a character from previous projects. The reebot has been brewing for a long time and names from Ryan Reynolds to Justin Lin have been shuffled. While Lionsgate did not reveal a tentative release date for the film, apparently only the final details are missing for the film to enter its production phase.

The British actor has yet another chance to be part of another popular franchise with a large fan base after starring in major roles in Justice League and Mission: Impossible – Fallout, as well as Netflix’s The Witcher series and more recently on Netflix. Enola Holmes , another project from the streaming giant that recently announced its sequel.

Cavill confirms the project

If on some occasions he has been ambiguous about his projects, the actor has also shown no qualms about flirting with those projects that are of interest to him, as was the case of the leading role of James Bond, a role that he sees with very good eyes . 

Now, Henry Cavill decided to echo the news on his social networks that revealed his approach to this project.

“Very exciting news today! I’ve been a Highlander fan since I was a kid. From the movies in their 80s, Queen anointed the television show with glory with an actor who remarkably resembled one of my brothers, ”she wrote.

“I don’t feel shy with swords and with such a talented director as Chad Stahelski at the helm, this is an opportunity like no other. Deepening franchise storytelling with all the tools at our disposal will make this an adventure that I (and hopefully all of you) will never forget, ”he added.

The actor accompanied a capture of the news with an image that shows how he has been immersing himself in aspects of his Scottish heritage.

After his imminent departure from the DC Extended Universe, the actor had been linked to different projects. And while the bets suggested that he would become Daniel Craig’s brand new successor as the new 007, others claimed that his MCU debut is imminent . 

However, with the announcement Cavill makes it clear that his bonds are at the highest level and apparently he has projects to spare.

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