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Will Joker have a sequel? This is all we know so far

A reliable source is said to have confirmed that Warner wants two more Todd Phillips story movies and they are convincing Joaquin Phoenix.

Will Joker really have a sequel?

With Joker , Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix gave new life to one of the most popular villains in comics, and possibly revolutionized the genre, the famous Batman villain was transformed into a totally different character, with a history of abuse and insanity that lead an ordinary man to become one of the most chaotic, violent and maniacal criminals Gotham has ever seen emerge from its own streets.

As soon as the film was released, fans wondered if the story would have a second part, especially since the story was left open and Joaquin Phoenix was just beginning to explore his version of Joker . In the first part, Phoenix is Arthur Fleck for most of the film, and it is near the end that the failed comedian drifts into madness and explodes, letting out his darker side and adopting the identity of the crime clown.

Joaquin Phoenix’s performance was so perfect that he was nominated at all film festivals and won the Oscar in 2020 for Best Actor. Phoenix transformed his mind and body to step into the criminal’s skin and surpass everyone who had tried before (not Heath Ledger , but a sequel would allow him to do it), and it was clear that he still had a lot to come up with with the character. .

Will Joker have a sequel?

But, becoming the Joker was not easy, Phoenix almost went crazy (literally) by following the extreme diet to transform into Arthur Fleck, in addition, Phillips reported that the filming process was so intense, that the actor used to leave the set at the half a take so he can unwind and get some rest, so having a sequel would be tough on him.

Joaquín Phoenix does not make sequels, or has not done so until now, but Joker could be the character that manages to convince him to do it, and bring him a little closer to an encounter with a new Batman (who could be one of the best).

Todd Phillips had already said that he was not closed to the possibility of continuing to tell the story. “I’ll tell you one thing: I would do anything with Joaquin, any day of the week. There is no one like him. If he is willing to do it, and if people are going to see this movie, and Warner comes up to us and proposes a new work on the Joker where we have to think of something new, well, he and I could think of something very good ”said the director a few days before winning the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, and, after the premiere of the movie, it became clear that this was something fans wanted to keep watching.

We Got This Covered reported that Warner Bros, which invested very little in the film because it did not have confidence in the Project, has every intention of making the sequel, it only needed to convince (beg) Joaquin Phoenix.

The rumors:

Supposedly, the first rumor of the sequel was confirmed by the same source that revealed the homosexuality of the villain Black Mask in Birds of Prey and the return of Viola Davis for The Suicide Squad , and although they do not reveal the source, those details are real, so we know it is a source you can trust.

The source says that the first sequel to Joker is in the early stages of development and that the intention is to continue telling the story of Joker , already fully dedicated to the criminal life in Gotham, the sequel would take place a few years after that maniacal celebration in the one that the Joker is praised in the streets after murdering Murray Franklin on live television.

The Hollywood Reporter said a few months ago that the sequel was official and that Todd Phillips will also be working on more movies that tell the origin stories of more DC characters.

In addition, in a new note from The Hollywood Reporter on the new plans for Superman, it can be read: “DC sees their next Flash movie , which began production in April in London, as their way forward in this post- Snyder world . With the inclusion of characters like Supergirl (Sasha Street) and Batman of Michael Keaton , one of the things that makes Flash is set DC with a multiverse that allows many of these incarnations and stories universes coexist and interact superheroes. So far, all movies and TV shows, with the exception of Matt Reeves’ The Batman , starringRobert Pattinson and which will be released in March, Gotham PD , a spin-off of HBO Max, and Joker and its planned sequel, will take place in the same universe. “

Now, a new rumor claims that Warner is offering Joaquin Phoenix $ 50 million to agree to participate in two more films, it is said that negotiations are ongoing and that we could see Phoenix reprise the role of Arthur Fleck as early as 2022 , according to The Mirror, which ensures that a source close to Phoenix revealed that the actor wants to reprise the character. 

The Mirror source adds: “They plan to do two sequels in the next four years, with a long-term commitment to Joaquin and his Joker director Todd Phillips and producer Bradley Cooper . It’s about getting Joaquín to accept the terms and, by far, the biggest payday of his career ”.

It is said that there is a good chance that the director and Joaquin Phoenix will work together again on a second project that will be written by Phillips and Scott Silver , but, in addition, the director allegedly showed up at Warner’s offices with a portfolio of stories by develop similarly to Joker , and it is rumored that he came out of there with the rights to a new character.

Phoenix would already be completely the villain of Batman and we could see him committing his first crimes, as well as more details of Bruce Wayne’s life , after his parents were killed in the riots of the first part. But, according to the timeline, a battle with Batman doesn’t look possible just yet, unless the movie has a major jump in time.

The study already said that the only way they would make a sequel is if Joaquín Phoenix agrees to return and, if they succeed, this would be the first sequel that the actor would do in his career (because he will not be in the Gladiator sequel) .

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