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Will Regé-Jean Page be the new Black Panther?

His unexpected departure from Bridgerton, the Netflix phenomenon, only increased the rumors of his arrival in the title role of the sequel that Marvel plans.

While many would give anything for a role that catapulted them to fame and many others cling exaggeratedly to just one, Regé-Jean Page had no qualms about saying goodbye to the character who put him in the orbit of Hollywood .

Yesterday, surprisingly, we started the day with the news that the actor was saying goodbye to Bridgerton , the period series that claims to be one of Netflix’s current phenomena . While there are many theories about his departure, many say that the actor is looking for more serious or larger challenges.

With that in mind, one of the rumors that have made the most noise is the one that already links it to one of Marvel’s most anticipated megaprojects: the sequel to Black Panther

For many, Page could be an ideal option to wear the mantle that Chadwick Boseman left after his unfortunate death and that, without a doubt, is one of the most coveted roles due to the evident projection it can give to anyone’s career.

However, before making this rumor official, we must take into account the statements of   Kevin Feige, who assured us in recent months that Boseman would not be replaced, which means that no one could play King T’Challa, but there are plans to If someone else sits on the throne of Wakanda, will Regé-Jean Page be chosen? For sites like Crazy Day and Nights, a site dedicated to filtering ads of this type before they are confirmed, it is a resounding “yes”.

Various arguments play in favor of the British-Zimbabwean, who in addition to having enough talent and experiencing growing popularity thanks to Bridgerton , the African roots that he boasts with great honor make him an ideal choice to play the new defender of Wakanda . 

At the moment, Marvel Studios has not commented on the rumor, but at least we can assume that Page will not be T’Challa.

Understanding the reason for your departure

Through a statement, which was adapted to simulate having been authored by the protagonist of the story, the streaming giant  briefly reported on the departure of Page, who gave life to the Duke of Hastings in the serial melodrama that just premiered last December.

A few days after its premiere, Bridgerton became a real success. People applauded the great production behind and its theme that on more than one occasion made us remember that legendary series called Gossip Girl , the youth drama that will soon return with its reebot on HBO Max . 

However, its protagonists, Phoebe Dynevor and Regé-Jean Page were also the ones who captured the attention. It is not for less, the duo gives off freshness in each of their appearances, which became one of the favorites of the nascent fanbase. So why did he leave just a few weeks after a second season was confirmed?

While the scant information provided by Netflix does not help, a statement by Regé-Jean Page could be the answer to this question.

“This is a one-season story. It will have a beginning, a middle, an end. Give us a year, ”the actor told Variety magazine “I thought that premise was ‘interesting’ because it felt like a miniseries to me. I can come in, I can contribute my bit and then let the Bridgerton family carry on. “

Although consistent, that Netflix has “let go” to Page seems like an unusual move, considering that the company likes to lengthen its most famous projects as long as possible.

With a promising future

The new rumor surrounding the name of Regé-Jean Page joins the one that recently turned on the network (and that was fed by himself) ensuring that he would be in charge of giving life to James Bond, once Daniel Craig, who will leave also the iconic role of the spy who most seduced after No Time To Die . 

While some of these projects come to fruition, what is a fact is that the 31-year-old Londoner will not lack work, as he is contemplated for two other high-profile projects.

The first of them is The Gray Man, a suspense film directed by Anthony and Joe Russo that recently finished filming and in which he will share credits with stars such as Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Billy Bob Thornton, and Ana de Armas, among others. It is worth mentioning that the film is a Netflix production, which apparently is confident in its potential.

Additionally, Page is slated to begin filming on Dungeons & Dragons , the movie inspired by the popular role-playing game that is also plagued by stars like Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, and Justice Smith.

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