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Will Smith and how to learn to be confident about your body regardless of weight

Will knows that we all gain weight during the pandemic and says that it is time to learn to love the body that we have.

Will Smith did something that few actors dare to do, he showed himself without filters, without a look curated by an expert stylist and with the extra kilos that he gained during the pandemic, and with that he leaves us all one of the messages Most importantly, we must love the body we have and stop being ashamed of the way we look.

The Body Positive movement came to remind us that the way we see ourselves does not make us more or less important than other people, that there is nothing wrong with having a little fat in the abdomen and that the concept of “beach body ”Is one of the great lies that we have swallowed without question, and it is an issue that affects us all.

It is very common to hear compliments when you start to lose weight, when your muscles are marked and when the level of fat is almost non-existent, but the opposite happens when the scale is tilted in the opposite direction. Jonah Hill (who gave us all a lesson in loving our bodies) , for example, was the subject of an entire article in which he made fun of his decision to take off his shirt and go into the sea without having a defined six pack.

Jason Momoa did the same when his body of Khal Drogo happened to be a little less perfect, and mere mortals happens every day (with juzgonas looks and comments that keep alive the belief that being above a certain weight is a error), so the photo of Will Smith , declaring himself proud of his pandemic body, is exactly what we needed now.

If Will Smith can feel good about his body and not be afraid to show off (because it is not an act of bravery, it is normal), even when his job requires that he look a certain way, then we all have the possibility to take the same position. and start working with what we have.

How can you feel confident in your body regardless of weight?

There are a few “mantras” that we must all apply. The first step to looking good is to have confidence in yourself and to feel comfortable being who you are, then comes the issue of choosing the right clothes and finally is to realize that the perfect body does not exist, it is a matter of perception. .

Accept that not everyone is as “body positive” as you think

Will Smith’s photo generated all kinds of responses, some good and some bad, but there is nothing Will can do to avoid haters, he just decides not to give them the satisfaction of letting them win and ruining their flow.

Take risks

You will never know how you feel if you don’t try. Life is short, take off your shirt, get in the pool and put on the bathing suit you like without thinking about what others might say or believe.

Do not compare yourself with others

Especially after gaining weight, focus on yourself, your accomplishments, and your process. No person is the same as another, so don’t measure your worth based on what you think you should do or have when seeing other people.

Don’t be your worst critic

It is a reality that each person is their own personal hater, so it is time to change the mindset, to focus on the positive and not on what can be perceived as a failure or a mistake.

Count your blessings

It is about celebrating what you have , health, a body that can take you from one place to another, that allows you to run, dance, jump or put on a bathing suit to go to the beach, not everyone has the same luck.

Work on what you can

Will not only showed off his body, he also shared that he’s ready to get fit , at his own pace and in his own way, and that gives him the motivation to work hard. It is not about changing who you are, but about improving in the areas that you are interested in improving, doing what you can to look and feel the way you want, even if you start slow and from scratch.

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