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Zack Snyder revealed what his Justice League sequels would be like

Zack Snyder’s vision of Justice League has fans demanding the Snyder-verse with the continuation of the story of these characters. And since that may never happen, the director has revealed everything.

At the moment, Zack Snyder’s conversation about Justice League is incredible, with much of the audience and critics praising the film for its daring presentation of a world of superheroes quite different from anything Marvel had. The mythology and the epic sense that the work gives it have undoubtedly left a mark on everyone, for which many are already demanding that this universe be restored and treated as canon within the narrative of the DC films.

This is where the problem lies with Zack Snyder’s Justice League (of which you can read our review) . Both Wonder Woman and Aquaman have taken different paths with the story, in addition to the fact that the director has said that he has no contract with Warner or intentions to film those sequels, so it may all end here. 

We may never see those tapes, but we can at least imagine what they could be. For that Zack Snyder has revealed his vision of those works. This was what was planned.

Justice league 2

“It’s the fall of the Earth, when Superman succumbs to the anti-life equation and then sends Flash back to change an element so that doesn’t happen.” That’s what Snyder revealed , who explained how this would all work. 

In the possible Justice League 2, Darkseid seeks to invade Earth, and to do so he needs to control Superman. Lex Luthor then reveals to Darkseid that the key to Clark Kent’s weakness is Lois Lane (which is why she is the “key.” For one reason, Batman fails to protect her and instead of sacrificing himself, he lets her die. According to Snyder , The two get into an argument which causes Bruce Wayne to become distracted, which results in the death of Lois, which allows Darkseid to take control of Superman . 

This explains why Superman tells him that Batman took it off in Batman v Superman , and what Joker mentions in the final Justice League scene . 

On the other hand, originally, Bruce Wayne fell in love with Lois Lane, igniting a romance that ends in her becoming pregnant with him. However, Warner scrapped this idea and Snyder adapted it to history. Lois is pregnant but with Superman. 

The film would then end similar to Infinity War, with Darkseid dominating Earth and Superman , which would lead to the third part, which curiously has some elements similar to Avengers: Endgame, such as time travel. 

The scene that we saw at the end of Justice League, like the one that appears in Batman v Superman, would have appeared in this film giving meaning to Batman’s nightmares , which also confirms that Wonder Woman and Aquaman had died in that film . 

Justice league 3 

In the possible Justice League 3 that Zack Snyder was looking to make , Cyborg works out an equation to use a Mother Box to take Flash back in time to warn Bruce about Lois Lane. It is here when the scene that we saw in Batman v Superman enters when the older Flash appears saying that she is the key. Then he realizes that it is too early and disappears. 

From there, Flash travels back in time to meet the Bruce of that time, warning him that he must sacrifice himself to save Lois from Darkseid , which is why Superman no longer falls for the anti-life equation.

The film would close with the death of Batman , who would sacrifice himself for Lois Lane , while the final battle would be with Superman, Diana and his army, Aquaman and the Atlantis , Flash leading the humans, all against Darkseid uniting all the people on Earth, which would echo the scene we see in Justice League of the planet defeating the villain. 

The epilogue to this would be for Superman and Lois to have their son and name him Bruce Kent, who would go on to take the mantle of Batman 20 years later (which would make more sense if he were Bruce Wayne’s son , but which fits with the vision of Snyder). 

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